original Spratt Survey maps

Old Charlotte Maps

Chuck Ketchie of Carolina Maps has been cataloging this collection of thousands of original maps for Rick Brooks, forth generation surveyor in the Spratt Family,  for over 15 years now. It was agreed upon early in the process that these beautiful maps should not be buried in drawers for few to see. So, the local historic community has full access to the research, The Carolina Room has a full copy, with a full listing also available on their website. And the public can buy the originals for display in local offices, restaurants, and homes. Image displaying an original, one of a kind, survey of your neighborhood, or your property, or a place long gone that is 85 years old in your living room or office.

Each map is pulled from the collection and slowly unfurled to reveal another piece of local history. The post 1950 maps, for the most part, are put aside for later as we are focusing on the huge collection early maps. Over 650 original maps have been cataloged and digitized so far.