Garland P Stout Historical Research Maps of North Carolina.


Every place name in the history of North Carolina are pinpointed on these scaled county maps.Streams, mountains, communities, mills, rural churches and cemeteries, ferries, mines and post offices. An amazing tool for anyone researching roots in North Carolina.

 Garland P Stout & Chuck Ketchie 1982


Chuck met Garland while doing research on the old water powered grist mills of North Carolina. Chuck ordered several of the famous maps and soon began a partnership of adding Chuck's mills to Garland's Maps. This picture is at the North Carolina Society of Historians annual meeting where Chuck was the keynote speaker,

Carolina Maps recent project is cataloging and digitizing the Spratt Survey Collection

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Soil Survey Maps of North & South Carolina

These beautiful maps were created in the early 1900s by the US Department of Agriculture to promote farming by identifying soil types. But actually these are a snapshot of that time period showing early ferries, still existing grist mills and small communities now gone. Call or write for current list.


Unique, Historical


Original, Genealogical and Reproduction maps of the Carolinas'

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Old Charlotte Maps

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Spratt Surveyors of Mecklenburg County.

In 2002 Chuck Ketchie of Carolina Maps was introduced to Rick Brooks, the forth generation of surveyors to continue the tradition of the Spratt family. Chuck began cataloging and digitizing this vast collection of original drawings dating back to 1872. This research and digital copies can be seen at the Carolina Room at the Main Library in Charlotte.

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Carolina Maps was started in 1996 to continue the efforts of Garland Stout. But we soon began to offer other maps such as the reproductions of North Carolina classic maps ranging from 1672 Ogilby Map to the 1865 Coast Survey Map. We also have Mills Atlas Surveys of South Carolina from 1825..